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The Benefits of Sealing Your Records

Criminal records, including arrest records, can create barriers to employment, housing, and other areas of life. Getting your records sealed or expunged can help you return to a life of normalcy and to enjoy all of the benefits and rights afforded to you as a Coloradan.

For juvenile records, a court may “expunge” the information on the record, which acts to destroy the record. The result is as if no criminal record existed on paper. Other records may be “sealed,” where the record still exists, but the general public no longer has access to it. A record that has been sealed will be unsealed in the event that the petitioner is convicted of another crime and can still be viewed by certain agencies, such as law enforcement.

The Petition Process

To petition the courts to seal or expunge records, the petitioner must obtain the arrest and criminal records, complete the appropriate forms, file the forms in the correct court, pay the required fee, and prepare for a possible hearing on the petition. If the court conducts a hearing, you may be asked questions about the request for sealing/expunging an arrest and criminal record and any objections filed, if applicable. The court will either grant or deny the petition. If granted, the court may automatically seal the criminal record.

After the court enters an order to seal/expunge a criminal record, the petitioner must notify the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and any other agencies with the record, including those listed in the court’s order, by providing each agency with a copy of the signed order. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation will require that a fee be paid in order to seal or expunge a record in their possession.

The following types of records can be sealed or expunged:

  • Arrest records;
  • Certain criminal convictions;
  • Cases resolved by acquittal, dismissal, diversion, or deferred judgment; and
  • Municipal violation records.

Criminal convictions that cannot be sealed or expunged include those involving DUI, unlawful sexual behavior, domestic violence charges, child abuse, crimes of violence, animal cruelty, victim or witness retaliation, identity theft, class 1 or 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses, class A or B traffic infractions, class 1-3 felonies, and level 1 drug felonies.

Hiring an Attorney

Having a skilled attorney representing you through this process can help you ensure that your petition will be handled professionally and diligently. Further, when a court schedules a hearing, having an attorney to in your corner to fight for you can mean the difference between a petition being granted or denied.

Don’t go into this process alone. Bring a professional with a track record of positive results.

Andrew brings his years of experience as both a case manager and attorney to effectively fight for your cause.

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Self-Help Resources

Colorado Criminal Record Sealing statute at CRS 24-72-701
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